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Damage Claim


Parts damaged during shipment:
Please note that for freight shipments, you are required to inspect the part before accepting it. Look for paint issues and cracks and bends on the part. If there were obvious signs of damage, and you did sign the shipping slip provided by the driver, your claim may not be approved.

We apologize for this inconvenience, however, our insurance with the freight company mandates this process. In order to provide low prices, we operate on very small margins and we cannot afford to approve all returns if we cannot file a damage claim with our logistics partners.

Parts damaged during installation:
We cannot accept returns for damages that are caused during the installation of the part.

Paint difference and issues:
Please note that the parts we ship may not match 100% the paint of your car. As the car paint ages, it also changes color. The older your car is, the bigger the difference maybe with the new paint. Please note that some differences are expected, and we recommend that the new part and old paint are buffed so the difference in paint color and texture is minimized.

Defective parts:
We strive for good customer support and quality, however, some parts may come defective to us from the manufacturer. If that is the case, we will be more than happy to exchange the part for you.


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